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At CCS, we provide industry-leading, vetted audio engineers to support your production or company’s individual needs.

We offer global recording services for:

  • film/tv production

  • remote & in-studio music recording

  • radio production

  • podcasts

  • & more.

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Through our comprehensive network of audio professionals around the world, we provide a full suite of staffing and staff management services.


From thorough vetting by our senior engineers, background checks, payroll & HR, labor law compliance, travel logistics, to the oversight of all technical requirements and audio deliverables.


For production companies this means quality, uniform deliverables and gear packages, competitive rates, and reliable mixers, all managed through a single vendor. Allowing the production staff to reduce time and cost spent on job postings, negotiations, and onboarding, and focus on other important aspects on the shoot.


For our corporate clients, we’re able to provide talented, professional, and fully compliant contingent workers to supplement existing staff for short or long term audio production projects.




Whether you’re building a studio, planning a challenging video production, or creating a larger network of interconnected audio systems, at CCS we have the experience to help make your project come to life.


With the help of our sales partners, we’re able to develop plans, procure necessary gear, and provide white-glove installation, and tech support services.

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Audio technology is constantly evolving.


At CCS, we’re committed to consistently researching new tech, and updating our inventory to provide the very best for our clients.

We offer competitive pricing, reliable equipment, flexible terms, and customizable packages to

suit productions of any size


Tell us about your project and we’ll put together a system that works for you.

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