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Josh Tucker is the owner and sound supervisor at Camel City Sound.

Camel City Sound was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing streamlined, comprehensive audio solutions for a rapidly changing industry. Not only striving to provide exceptional engineering services, staff, and state of the art technology, but to cultivate a culture of inclusion; building a team of professionals who foster diversity and continue to embrace our ever changing world. Made up of a large network of highly-vetted audio engineers and creatives from across the globe, CCS works diligently to deliver uniquely-tailored engineering, staffing, and workflow solutions, to best support our growing global clientele.


Josh Tucker, owner and sound mixer at Camel City Sound

Josh Tucker


As a graduate of the Savannah School of Art and Design's Sound Design program, Josh began his career as a studio engineer and live sound mixer. His projects included recordings with a variety of major artists for VH1 Unplugged, iTunes' Live from SoHo, and PBS' Live from the Artist's Den. 


In 2010, Josh formed Camel City Sound. Building on his experience in the music industry, he transitioned into film and television, focusing primarily on documentary and commercials. In addition to his audio knowledge, Josh is trained in emergency first aid, and operating in hostile environments. He specializes in working in challenging environmental conditions and conflict zones.


Josh's work can be heard on award winning and nominated programs for HBO, Apple, Discovery, National Geographic, Viceland, Starz, and many others. Commercial clients include American Express, Tiffany & Co., Under Armour, and Anheuser Busch.

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